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Term II Oral Exam Instructions:

1. Exam will be held on Saturday May 22, 2010 from 5:00p to 7:00p. If you do not show up for the exam, you will get an automatic F grade.

2. Your exam will include two parts: first based on the Term I exam (oral questions about some of its problems), and second the class project (Download Project Statement Here)

3. If you did not take the final exam of Term I, you should expect your exam to be longer and more difficult.

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Term I Exam Solution       


Important Notes: 

1. There will be NO REVISION LECTURE. Please send me your questions (if any) by e-mail and I will answer them by e-mail and post the answers as FAQ on this page for all other students to know about.

2. Since the minimum for coursework grade is 20% in the new curriculum, I decided to put this whole grade on attendance. So, very much all of you will get a full 20% in this part. You will need to get a passing grade (i.e., 50% of the exam grade) in the term exam to get the 60% required to pass the course.

3. This class is intended as an advanced course. The standard for passing the course will be set much higher than what you are used to in your undergraduate courses.  The term exam will require a deep understanding of the material in order to get a passing grade.


Frequently Asked Questions       


Intended Learning Objectives (ILOs)

To build a strong theoretical and practical implementation skills for ultrasound imaging system design. This is an advanced course and therefore will cover advanced topics immediately from the start.

Textbook References

A number of sources from textbooks and research papers will be handed out for each lecture

Grading Policy

Term I:

  1. Term work (homework, mid-term exam, etc.):  20%
  2. Final Exam (open-book):    80%

Term  II

100% on Class Project   (Download Project Statement Here)

Course Topics to be Covered

bulletIntroduction to scalar diffraction theory (2 lectures)
bulletBeamforming        (2 lecture)
bulletPhase aberration correction    (1 lecture)
bulletDoppler ultrasound    (3 lectures)
bulletUltrasound system design    (1 lecture)


  1. Lecture 1 presentation
  2. Lecture 1 material
  3. Lecture 2 presentation
  4. Lecture 2 material
  5. Solutions manual for Problem Assignments of Lectures #1 and #2
  6. Lectures 3 and 4 presentation
  7. Lectures 3 and 4 material
  8. Lecture 5 presentation
  9. Lecture 5 material
  10. Problem Assignment #1
  11. Lecture #6 material
  12. Lectures #6,#7,#8 presentation     
  13. Lecture #8 material
  14. Lecture #9 presentation
  15. Lecture #9 material
  16. Sample questions and system for term exam       New!


Web site for Doppler Data and Sample Matlab Programs http://folk.ntnu.no/lovstakk/dopplershortcourse2009/




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