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Rules to be Followed within our Research Group



  1. Policy on Gifts: Absolutely no presents, postcards, or invitations will be accepted ever. This goes to all time before, during or after the period of supervision.

  2. Form of Contact: My only available contact is through my e-mail (my k-space account). Please avoid any phone contacts of any kind unless directed otherwise in urgent cases.

  3. Meeting Scheduling: Absolutely no meetings without prior appointment. Appointments will be given explicitly by a meeting confirmation e-mail. Please do not assume a meeting is set just by sending me a request. You need to check your e-mail for such confirmation. You need to also check it at least an hour before the meeting to make sure that the meeting has not been cancelled for any reason.

  4. Group Meeting: We will have a regular group meeting every week including a formal presentation of a member of the group about his/her work. You are required to attend such meetings. I will announce the schedule of such meetings to you by e-mail and will post it on my web site.

  5. Thesis Duration: You have to know that your thesis duration depends on many things including your effort, focus, and sometimes good luck. It is not necessary to expect to finish early just because you are smart. So, please do not impose on yourself (and certainly your adviser) any prior constraints regarding the duration of your thesis. 

  6. Cooperation with others: You are expected to fully cooperate with your colleagues within the group including sharing your data, resources, preliminary results, and thoughts about the subjects of your knowledge. You should expect the same from other members too. You should all share all that with anyone from outside the group without any reservations. If you think that someone can take your idea and finish it to a publication before you do, then it is not yours to begin with. It only shows confidence and strength to be open with everyone about your work. Always remember that the dissemination of scientific knowledge to the community is one of your duties as a scientist and that your main goal is the advancement of science in your community.

  7. Honesty and Integrity: It is expected that all of you maintain the highest standard of honesty and integrity. This means that you should always give credit to whoever deserves it with proper reference in your work. This includes text from other references, programs from other groups, help from a colleague, etc. You should also maintain the highest standard of accuracy in generating and reporting your results. Failure to maintain such standards will have absolutely severe consequences.

  8. Regular documentation of your work: You are expected to maintain an electronic laboratory notebook including a log or dated notes about all the things you have done in your research (i.e., things you read, questions you had, programs you wrote, points to be done, experiments you conducted, results you obtained, etc.). I expect everyone to upload such log on a monthly basis to an ftp area that I will set up for you. All documents to be uploaded or sent to me via e-mail must be in PDF format. No other formats will be accepted.

  9. Preparing for a Meeting: You should have a detailed report about your recent work to be discussed in the meeting including your most recent tasks and any questions you might have. This report should be written as a self-contained scientific report in proper language and style. Such report should be sent as a PDF attachment with the e-mail requesting a meeting to be scheduled. The presence of this report is a prerequisite for scheduling such a meeting.

  10. Web site: Everyone has to maintain an up-to-date web site for his/her work. I believe we all benefit from web sites of others and we need to do our part and give back to the scientific community. Your web site should include all information about your work, resources, as well as links to useful other sites. If you do not know how to post a web site, please let me know.

  11. E-mail: You are expected to have and/or e-mail accounts to use for your communication with me. No other accounts should be used in your communication with me or others regarding your work. If you do not have such accounts, please send me your preferred user name. I suggest that you use the professional format of “firstname.lastname”.   

  12. Tasks within the Group: Depending on your degree sought, you will have particular tasks within the group directed by your supervisor. Such tasks may include assisting a Ph.D. student if you are a M.Sc. student or vice versa, collaborating with a colleague on a particular research point, or providing guidance to undergraduate students. This aims at making the group work more efficiently by making the best use of available resources.

  13. Stages of Research:

    1. Literature review including survey of resources (data sets, collaboration, support, etc.)

    2. Proposal of a practical/theoretical problem as a research point

    3. Review of available methods/tools to solve the problem

    4. Implementation phase

    5. Experimental verification including comparison to prior art

    6. Thorough evaluation of your methodologies and experiments in light of the results

    7. Formulation of solid conclusions from your work

    8. Suggestion of future work in your area of research

  14. Exchanging Literature with Adviser: You are allowed to keep any electronic material I give it you. However, material in hardcopy format (e.g., textbooks, papers, etc.) must be returned within 14 days from the date material was given to you. If you already have any material from me for longer than this duration, please return it to me immediately. Please remember that keeping those material for more than that will likely cause others to be delayed waiting for them.

  15. Research Protocol: Each student has to submit a research protocol summarizing the research point and the theoretical development, methodologies and verification/validation experiments to be considered in his/her thesis. Such protocol must be written by the student and approved by the adviser and is a requirement for official registration for the degree. From now on, this protocol will be submitted around the time Stage d starts in the above research stages.

  16. Paper Submission: No papers about thesis work will be submitted to any conference or journal without the detailed review and approval of the adviser.  The order of the authors’ names must also reflect the actual work done by each author and must be reviewed by the adviser for consistency. This limitation will stand from the day you start working in the group until 6 months after the time you officially finished your thesis work with the group. The adviser’s name shall not be placed on any submitted paper based on thesis work without his explicit consent by e-mail.


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