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Continuous Fourier transform (Hardcopy Handout Book Chapter): 



Transformation tables


Chapter 2:  Discrete-Time Signals and Systems

Section 2.1

Section 2.2 

Section 2.3

Section 2.4

Section 2.5

Section 2.6  (just the basic idea)

Section 2.7

Section 2.9

Section 2.10 (just to understand how to apply equations 2.195 and 2.201 without the derivation)


Chapter 4:  Sampling of Continuous-Time Signals

Section 4.1

Section 4.2

Section 4.3

Section 4.4  

Section 4.6 (the basic idea and its illustration in the frequency domain + interpolation + order in non-integer factor)


Chapter 8:  The Discrete Fourier Transform

Section 8.1

Section 8.2 

Section 8.3

Section 8.5

Section 8.6

Section 8.7


Chapter 9:  Computation of the Discrete Fourier Transform

Section 9.3: Just the basic idea of the decimation-in-time computation


Chapter 10: Fourier Analysis of Signals Using the Discrete Fourier Transform

Section 10.1

Section 10.2

Section 10.3


Chapter 11: Discrete Hilbert Transforms

Section 11.4  (or simply look at the Matlab help for the hilbert function to understand how it works)




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