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Lecture Handouts

  1. Computed Tomography Lecture
  2. Computed Tomography lecture material
  3. Paper on CT artifacts
  4. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Lecture
  5. Magnetic Resonance Imaging lecture material
  6. Nuclear Medicine Lecture
  7. Nuclear Medicine Material


Problem Assignments

  1. Sheet #1
  2. Sheet #2
  3. Sheet #3 (MRI Practice Questions)
  4. Solve problems at the end of each chapter in MRI



bulletProject 1: Write a short report and prepare a 10 min presentation on one of the following topics:
  1. One CT clinical application.
  2. CT equipment site preparation steps.
  3. Comparison of CT scanners from different companies.


bulletProject 2: Prepare a 10 min presentation to explain the basic ideas of one of the following topics (groups of 2-4 students):
  1. MR Angiography (MRA)
  2. MR Spectroscopy
  3. MR Fast Imaging Sequences (e.g., single-shot methods as EPI)
  4. MR Diffusion Imaging (e.g., DWI, DTI)
  5. Functional MRI (fMRI)
  6. MR Image Artifacts
  7. MRI Bioeffects

Date of presentations: May 29, 2012 during the section.



Interesting Links

bulletRadbook 2012  (
bulletGE medical equipment site planning (
bulletSiemens Medical Syngo software for CT applications (





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