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1. Analog interfacing to embedded processors

2. Embedded programming textbook

3. VHDL Programming by Example


Course Material

1. Silicon Labs MCUniversity Course Material

2. Digilent Course Module M1

3. Digilent Course Module M2

4. Digilent Course Module M3

5. Digilent Course Module M4

6. Digilent Course Module M5

7. Digilent Course Module M6

8. Digilent Course Module M7

9. Digilent Course Module M8

10. Digilent Course Module M9

11. Digilent Course Module M10


Lecture Presentations       

1. Chapter 1 of FPGA Programming by Example

2. Module 5 (Digilent Course)

3. Module 6: (Digilent Course)



1. Silicon Labs Toolstick University starter kit

2. Silicon Labs Toolstick Virtual Tools

3. Silicon Labs C8051F02x datasheet

4. Silicon Labs C8051F020 datashort

5. BASYS FPGA Kit Reference Manual - Current Version (Rev.E)

6. BASYS FPGA Kit Schematic - Current Version (Rev.E)

7. BASYS FPGA Kit Board Verification Project - Current Version (Rev.E)


Software downloads

1. Silicon Labs MCU IDE

2. MCUniversity Development Tools

(For more information, visit

3. Xilinx FPGA Webpack (download from )

4. Digilent Adept Suite (download from )

5. Sample normal ECG signal.


Relevant Web Sites for Lab Kits

1. SiLabs MCUniversity Web Site (C8051F020DK)

2. Digilent FPGA boards web site (BASYS-100)

3. Design of Logic Circuits class at Washington State University


Covered Material     Updated May 24, 2009!



Problem/Project Assignments    Updated May 24, 2009!




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