Medical Electronics Covered Material 2009


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Microcontroller Part    Not Included in Final Term Exam!

  1. DAC and Comparator: Lecture 11 (SiLabs Course Material): 
  2. Contents of Labs 8 and 9 (SiLabs Course Material)


FPGA Part   

  1. Chapter 1 from FPGA Programming by Example textbook.
  2. Module M1: General introduction to electronic circuits  (Digilent Course Material)
  3. Exercise E1: Digital Circuits and the Basys Board (Digilent Course Material)
  4. Digilent FPGA-based boards: Module M2 (Digilent Course Material)
  5. Exercise E2: Introduction to Digilent FPGA-based Boards (Digilent Course Material)
  6. Lab Project P2: Board Verification and Basic Logic Circuits (Digilent Course Material)
  7. Lab Project P3: Introduction to Schematic Capture (Digilent Course Material)
  8. Module M5: Introduction to VHDL (Digilent Course Material)
  9. Module 6:: Combinational Circuit Blocks (Digilent Course Material)
  10. Lab Project 5: Introduction to VHDL (Digilent Course Material)
  11. Lab project 6: Combinational Circuit Blocks (Digilent Course Material)


Lecture Presentations       

1. Chapter 1 of FPGA Programming by Example

2. Module 5 (Digilent Course)

3. Module 6: (Digilent Course)


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