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1. Each project targets a specific part of a medical device and is done by only one student

2. Selection of students for the different projects will be done by the individual cumulative grade of the student.

3. Hardware will be provided to students in all projects (FPGA development platform in Area I and high-performance graphics cards for Area II).

4. Integration of all projects into one (4D ultrasound imaging system) will be done if time permits.

5. Application to join should be sent to my email during the first week of school. Please choose only one area and your list of projects within that area in the order of your preference.

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Project Area I

Real-Time Embedded Digital Signal Processing on FPGA



1. Logic analyzer (applications in digital design of ultrasound imaging systems)  (Projects #1)

2. RF signal sampling (applications in Doppler signal processing) (Projects #2)


All projects in this area involve the following:

1. Analog design

2. Digital design using FPGA

3. Windows device driver design

4. Visual C++ user interface software development

5. Digital signal processing methodologies.

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Project Area II

High Performance Volume Reconstruction/Visualization on Personal Computers


1. High-speed volume reconstruction/manipulation (applications 4D ultrasound imaging)  (Projects #3)

2. High-quality volume display (applications in 3D ultrasound imaging)  (Projects #4)


All projects in this area involve the following:

1. Visual C++ user interface software development

2. OpenGL / OpenInventor /DirectX programming

3. Shading language programming




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