Medical Equipment I (2008)


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Term Exam Solution - January 2009

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Mid-Term Exam Solution - November 2008    


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Class Textbooks

Part I:

Russell K. Hobbie and Bradley J. Roth, Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology, 4th ed.,  Springer-Verlag, New York, 2007. (Hardcopy)

Textbook's official web site:

Part II:

Embedded programming textbook (eBook)

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Grading Policy

Term Exam:  75 points   (Open-Book)

Midterm Exam: 10 Points  (Open-Book)

Class Project: 8 Points

Other (Labs, quizzes, attendance, etc.): 8 points

(Maximum Year Grade of 25 -Total of 100 points)

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Course Material       

Part I

Part II

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1. Lecture presentation of September 21, 2008 

2. Lecture Presentation of September 28, 2008

3. Lecture Presentation of October 19, 2008

4. Lecture Presentation of October 26, 2008

5. Lecture Presentation of November 2, 2008

6. Lecture Presentation of November 9, 2008

7. Lecture Presentation of November 16, 2008

8. Lecture Presentation of December 14, 2008

9. Lecture Presentation of December 21, 2008

10. Lecture Presentation of December 28, 2008  

11. Solutions to Lab #3 (example solutions, not to be considered as the only possible solutions)

12. Solutions to Lab #5 (example solutions, not to be considered as the only possible solutions))

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1. Silicon Labs Toolstick University starter kit

2. Silicon Labs Toolstick Virtual Tools

3. Silicon Labs C8051F02x datasheet

4. Silicon Labs C8051F020 datashort


Lectures / Labs

Silicon Labs MCUniversity Course Material


Software downloads

Silicon Labs MCU IDE

MCUniversity Development Tools

(For more information, visit


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Problem Assignments      

List                        Updated December 20, 2008

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Class Projects           

Project statement            Updated Sep. 20, 2008



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