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Term Exam Solution         New!


Important Handouts: 

Midterm Exam Solution           

Sheet 2 Solution Guide          



Course Syllabus           



1. Signal Analysis part of Chapter 2 of the textbook by Lathi (pp. 16-72)        (Hardcopy)

2. Paper with an interesting sampling scheme for Doppler ultrasound

3. Chapter on 2D Fourier transformation by Goodman  

4. Handout on Filter design methods                            New!

5. Handout on up/down sampling of a signal                New!

6. Handout on power spectrum estimation using averaged periodogram            New!

7. Handout on spectrogram estimation and display            New!

8. Handout on projection-slice theorem            New!

9. CT presentation with nice pictorial illustration of projection-slice theorem and its application in CT        New!

10. Handout on linear and circular convolution using DFT            New!

11. Real pulsed wave Doppler spectrogram (image)            New!


Problem Assignments

1. Problem Assignment #1 + Solutions   

2. Problem Assignment #2             New!


Computer Projects

Due to time constraints, there will be no computer projects in this course.        New!




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