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bulletList of topics covered in final exam
bulletList of Coursework Grades by ID number

Midterm Exam Results

bulletList of Grades by ID number
bulletMidterm Exam Paper


Lecture Presentations

bulletSampling (chapter 7)
bulletDiscrete-Time Signals and Systems (Chapter 8)
bulletThe Z-Transform (chapter 9)
bulletFourier Analysis of Discrete-Time Signals (Chapter 10)
bulletDesign of Discrete-Time Filters (Chapter 11)


Problem Assignments

bulletSignals and Systems Review Problem Assignments + Homework
bulletDigital Signal Processing Review Problems (for Midterm #1)       
bulletDigital Signal Processing Matlab Problems (for Midterm Make-Up Exam)        New!
bulletSolution of parts of Sheet3 (Matlab code)             New!
bulletPractice problem set for final exam.
bulletCheck last page of each presentation to see problems assigned for each chapter



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